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When you work with us, you work with a team who will look at your company from a broad lens to think comprehensively about your business and industry, focusing on the big picture.
Our team is comprised of experienced professionals in multiple disciplines, forming a network dedicated to using the most advanced techniques in employee benefits programming. We focus on the customer experience in all aspects of the benefits program, from senior level management concerns surrounding costs and compliance to the health plan members and their understanding of the benefits plan. Our clients benefit from our commitment to high-quality service and value. As a result, we utilize state-of-the-art tools and provide a customized strategy based on their unique needs and preferences.

Full Spectrum Benefits is an independent, privately-held organization providing insightful, personalized service that our competition simply can’t match. We have the flexibility that enables us to move swiftly and adapt to the everchanging marketplace. We appreciate the varying complexities our clients face and will work with partners that understand the local marketplace and the unique challenges that individual employers face.

In some instances, we will partner with other organizations that may provide additional specialties or resources outside of our expertise.

It is abundantly clear that we have reached a new era in benefits planning. Employers are looking for creative ways to manage costs while at the same time attract and retain the best talent available. Your FSB team will help you find that balance. We understand what it takes to manage risk and we will help you meet financial targets while increasing employee engagement. There is no more time for business as usual.

The days of just picking a competitive number off a spreadsheet are over. We are an organization that is focused solely on deploying a comprehensive employee benefits strategy that is efficient, cost-effective and compliant. This means that all stakeholders from the business owner to the covered members on your plan understand “what they have and why they have it”.

Our experts include an exceptional team of professionals and resources in varying competencies:

  • Actuaries and Health Underwriters
  • Attorneys (ERISA and Labor) and Compliance Officers
  • Communications/Marketing Designers
  • Brand Development Professionals
  • HR Consultants
  • Voluntary Benefits Specialists and Enrollment Team
  • Executive Benefits Specialists
  • Benefits Administrators and Claims Processors
  • Employee Benefit Portal Managers
  • Certified Health Care Reform Specialists
  • Certified Wellness Consultants
  • Benchmarking and Industry Technicians
  • Employee Advocates
  • Management Consultants and Business Strategists


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